Our Perspective: kids are moving less, sitting more, and on screens twice as much as they are outside.  Traditional sports, aren't for everyone and non traditional activities are harder to find as kids get older.

Studies show rates of physical activity drop 75% between the ages of 9 and 15.   https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/182251


1) unlock the natural "athlete"

  • Our tribe believes everyone has an athlete inside...strength and movement is a skill

  • We teach physical and mental tools through functional movement, breath-work, and slack line exploration

  • Kids gain COMPETENCE and strength of body/mind.

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2) Adventure Based Learning

  • Our tribe believes it's OK to make mistakes, we learn, we grow, we improve

  • We teach through obstacles and interactive problem solving scenarios

  • Kids gain confidence and association of fun with movement

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3) Outdoor envirnoments

  • Our tribe believes nature is a teacher and helps enable physical and mental well being

  • We teach primarily outside...rain or shine

  • Kids gain a sense of exploration and connection with nature

Six Week Programs

I: Fall Obstacle and Adventure Training 101 - Opening rate $160/session

Six week curriculum establishing a strength and movement baseline through obstacles, interactive scenarios, and games.

  • Location: A North Shore Milwaukee park (exact location forwarded ~3 weeks prior to class)
  • Two age groupings:
    • Ages 7 to 9 - 9am to 10:15am
    • Ages 10 to 12 - 10:30am to 11:45am
  • Fall Session Dates:
    • Sept 15th - Saturday
    • Sept 22nd - Saturday
    • Sept 29th - Saturday
    • Oct 6th - Saturday
    • Oct 13th - Saturday
    • Oct 20th - Saturday

Kids Adventure Run - Spring

12+ obstacles over a mile+ course for a kids only experience of challenge, adventure, and fun.

  • Location: Milwaukee Metro area


Fondy Farmers Market

Stop by and say hi as we represent local adventure and obstacle training for kids at the market on the following days:

7/14 - Eco-Living Day

8/18 - Healthy Heart Day

9/8 - Housing Education Day