About Us: 

Our Mission: is to create programs that enable strength and mobility, a sense of adventure, and a connection with nature.

Our Methods: functional movement, slack line exploration and breath-work, brought to life through obstacles, interactive scenarios and fun.

Our Vision: enable the next generation of free thinkers, adventurers, and resilient humans. This is our Tribe, come join us 😊


Jeff Sergent, DC - Co-Founder of Tribe MKE Kids

Dr. Sergent (Jeff) is owner of Muscle and Movement Therapy and MMT Phys. Ed.  in Cedarburg and received his doctorate in Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences.  Post-graduation he earned numerous certifications and trained at the Prague School of Rehab, focusing on Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability (DNS) as a treatment and rehab methodology; emphasizing the brain-body connection through the fundamental movement patterns that we all experience.  Jeff is also a MovNat Level 1 trainer and CPR certified.

Jeff’s passion is enabling movement for life and unlocking the natural athlete in all of us through lifelong learning, physical activity, and looking at the long game.  He believes focusing on fundamental movement patterns has an effect not only on a single sport but a variety of sports and overall athleticism.

Jeff and his son live in Whitefish Bay; and enjoys hobbies of biking, physical training, podcast listening, and exploring Milwaukee’s restaurants and breweries.

Justin Galloway – Co-Founder of Tribe MKE Kids

JG casual headshot.png

Justin has three kids; ages ten, eight, and four, at the time of this writing, and balances family time with leading a strategic deal team for a Fortune 30 organization, while enjoying hobbies of surfing, reading, physical training, and outdoor exploration.

Justin couldn’t do a pull-up until the age of 30, once scored -2 points in a basketball game, and played intramural sports in high-school.  Discovering and implementing elements of Tribe MKE as an adult have enabled some rewarding experiences; from hiking the Grand Canyon and Half Dome, to completing a Spartan Race Trifecta, to learning to surf on Lake Michigan.

Justin is a MovNat Level 1 trainer and certified in First Aid | CPR | AED.