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  • 6 Week Session
  • Location: Pending
  • 75 Minute Class
  • Session A: Ages 7 to 9
  • Session B: Ages 10 to 12

What's Included

  • 6 weeks of adventure, learning, and fun
  • Tribe MKE Kids t-shirt
  • Cool pictures of class
  • Weekly e-mail updates
  • End of course summary and tips

Class Agenda

I: Intro's and warm-up: ice breakers, basic movements, theme for the day

II: Skill instruction: Mapping optimal movement patterns and using breath as a tool

III: Skill activation: Obstacle courses and themed scenarios to practice what we learn in a fun, free flowing environment

IV: Cool down: balance training, practice, play

What to bring

  • Comfortable clothes that can get wet and dirty
  • Athletic shoes and bare feet
  • Water bottle (labeled)
  • Good attitudes :)


*Your child's TribeMKE t-shirt will be laundered (organic detergent), and provided to them at the beginning of each class, to be taken home after our final session.

*Why the shirt policy: Two reasons: 1) Simplicity- As a busy parent, remembering "the shirt" 6 weeks straight can be a pain...we got it. 2) Achievement - This isn't a token shirt, it's a trophy shirt, we'll have fun, work hard, and earn it over 6 weeks.